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"We have the vision to bring innovation and technology to our region. The main role of our organization is to change the mentality of entrepreneurs and to think and act innovative."

Radu Big, CDIMM Baia Mare, Romania

"ICT is only a tool, but direct contacts and projects outside the virtual world lay the groundwork." SODBI, Kazakhstan

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About ECAbit

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Innovation and Business Incubation in the ECA region


Most ECAbit network members are located in countries that have been undergoing a transformation from planned to market economies. Strengthening the market orientation, diversification and competitiveness of economies in the East European and Central Asian region by fostering entrepreneurship and innovation on all levels from rural to high tech has become a main feature of this dynamic region in its strategic triangle between the European Union, Asia, and Russia. In many countries, business incubators and technology parks have achieved to initiate government programs addressing the need to build upon strategic strengths of their economies and to develop national and regional innovation clusters.


One example is the Viasphere Technology Park in Yerevan, Armenia, which together with the EIF Enterprise Incubation Foundation in Yerevan has attracted substantial foreign direct investment into the ICT sector of Armenia by addressing and facilitating Armenian diaspora support. The success of Viasphere has motivated the Armenian government to launch a national innovation cluster program on ICT. Other countries in the region have been responding the Armenian approach.



ECAbit Projects and Activities


The focus, performance and sustainability of incubators and technology parks in ECA varies according to their local environment, ranging from new European Union member countries over conflict areas like the Caucasus or ex-Yugoslavia and areas facing ecological challenges like the Aral Sea area to regions rich in natural resources. The ECAbit network aims to strengthen the sustainability and impact of business incubators in ECA by raising awareness on innovation and entrepreneurship development among governments, universities and other key stakeholders, by strengthening the capabilities of incubator managers as well as their clients through focused training and learning, and by addressing new opportunities the globalization provides by initiating collaborative service and knowledge creation.



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ECAbit welcomes innovative business incubators and technology parks from the Eastern European and Central Asian region (full members), as well as organizations and individuals from other fields of innovation development and geographic areas (as associate members).


For more information, please check ECAbit Membership Agreement in pdf or docx formats. We are looking forward to hearing from you.